These days I was visiting the house where I grew up and gave me some sentiment to see some of the paintings I did when I was in high school; some of them are still hanging on the walls of the house. They showed the traces of time with some scratches, dust, and some wood moth from the masonite wood we used at school. I saw one where my old friend Abner did me the favor to pose for one of those paintings. Similarly, I found one in which Bethzaida, which also took art classes with me, had posed to help me in that picture. There were others that I had a hard time to remember when I did these paintings, but the point is that I felt a little nostalgic thinking about the good fortune I’ve had to have good people next to me that supported and helped selflessly. I also remember the painting teacher, Mr. Gabriel Cruz, who with his demands guides me to find my way in the arts. So today I share a couple of pictures from when I was in tenth and eleventh grade. After this and seeing that we’re all more mature it is important to take this opportunity to thank all those friends, family, and teachers who have supported me in this walk. If I continue to be so lucky and blessed, it is inevitable that the coming years of this adventure will be equal or better.

In my next post, I will share another two paintings I did of Abner and Bethzaida when I was in 11th and 12th grade, that is 1981-82. It will be good to know what you think of these high school paintings.

Painting is done in eleventh grade by Pablo Montes -1981

Painting is done in tenth grade by Pablo Montes -1979 (above)>

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-Pablo Montes