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About Pablo Montes

I like to reflect on my existence and the universe around me. These observations fill me with ideas and questions that need some expression. In the recent past, I have been able to explore, through drawing and painting, the concepts of time, energy, light and space. That has led me to work on hybrid concepts and media.

Today I am focused on interpreting the interiorities, the emotions and the spirituality of the human being. I look for symbolism in the main figure or the beings that in truth are sentiments that live inside as well as those that appear hidden in the artwork. I use the strength of the line of my drawings and the subtle of the color of my paintings to create a hybrid artwork to connect my thoughts with the viewer.

The way Pablo Montes O’Neill has developed as an artist was molded from very early in life. It can be seen from his days in elementary school where his notebooks had more drawings than text, when he painted several school murals, or when he received a medal of honor in art at his 6th-grade graduation.

Pablo enrolled at Luchetti School of Visual Arts in San Juan, Puerto Rico. After six years of studying art with excellent teachers, Pablo had his AH HA moment on graduation day, when he was awarded the highest honor in painting and also received the highest honor medal in the fine arts given by the District of San Juan at the 1982 graduation. He then knew that art was going to be his passion.

In 1983, he moved to New York to study at Pratt Institute. One of the great moments he remembers from his college years was during his last year. His professor David Passalacqua, a renowned artist with countless publications such as Time Magazine, and professor at Pratt, Parsons, and Syracuse University told the students that for the first time there would be an exception in the final portfolio critique. In a firm and serious voice, he said: “I have never believed in saying grades in public and have always criticized all the works each of you made during the year … Today is the exception, I will not criticize Pablo’s work today, and I will say his grade publicly… Pablo, you have A+, good job.” The moment was followed by applause from his colleagues. Pablo got his degree in fine arts a few weeks later.

Pablo says: “My relationship with art is similar to an intimate partner, which demands a loyalty commitment and creativity to maintain the desired flame of burning love.” After all, he has spent a lifetime exploring various aspects of art… one piece at a time.

His work allows the viewer to provoke critical thinking as colors, textures, and the composition itself conspire to persuade the message or, on the contrary, propose puzzles that encourage people to analyze and philosophize.

Achievements that deserve mention
• At 19, he was selected to paint a three-story building mural and assist in two others in the city of Carolina, Puerto Rico.
• The drawing Dancing with Shadows published on the cover of Chicago Artist News, October 1990. It also exhibited at the Museum of Science and Industry of Chicago in the Hispanic Festival and three universities in the Chicago area.
• In 1996, Pablo received the first prize of the Ateneo Puertorriqueño Art Competition with his Manto de Soledad (Mantle of Loneliness) silkscreen.
• In 2016, he had a solo exposition at the Museum of the Americas (Museo de Las américas) in San Juan, Puerto Rico

His works published in:
• El Nuevo Día newspaper, PR
• Chicago Artist’s News, Chicago, IL
• Vegetarian Times, Chicago, IL
• Chicago Reader, Chicago, IL
• Publications International, Ltd., Chicago, IL
(Series of Texts “Discover”)
• Strong Coffee, Chicago, IL
• Ediciones Santillana, PR
• BEM Magazine, Valladolid, Spain

Pablo has had over 12 solo exhibitions and 18 group exhibitions in Puerto Rico and the United States.

  • 2016 – Exhibition: Resonance- “Resonancias” at the Museum – Museo de Las Americas, San Juan, PR
  • 2014 – Exhibition: Light and Shadows- “Lumbre y Penumbra” at the exposition hall of the East University of Carolina
  • 2013 – Exhibition: Fantasies of Time- “Fantasías del Tiempo” at The Fine Arts Center in Guaynabo
  • 2002 – Exhibition: The Sleeping Girl- “La Nena Durmiente” in the Puerto Rican Athenaeum, San Juan
  • 2000 – Exhibition: Preamble -“Preámbulo” on Telemundo Gallery, San Juan
  • 1999 – Exhibition: Sun Women “Mujeres Soles” at Eclectic Gallery, San Juan
  • 1997 – Exhibition: Liveliness and Sloth of Time “Viveza y Pereza del Tiempo” in the Citibank Atrium Center, San Juan
  • 1995 – Exhibition: Coordinates of Time “Coordenadas del Tiempo” at the School of Fine Arts, Ponce
  • 1994 – Exhibition: Stages “Etapas” in the Berlin Gallery Cafe, San Juan
  • 1992 – Exhibition: Embedded Images “Imágenes Integradas” in the Gallery & Restaurant La Bota, San Juan
  • 1990 – Exhibition: “Opening FX Club”, Chicago
  • 1987 – Exhibition: Aware Images “Imágenes Conscientes” at Nuestro Teatro (Theatre), Santurce
  • 2017 – First Art Biennial of the Puerto Rico Artist Asociation (1er Salón Bienal AAPPR) at the Museum of History of Ponce
  • 2016 – 15th Ponce Biennial of Art (Decimoquinta Bienal de Arte de Ponce) at the University of Puerto Rico
  • 2016 – Collective Exhibition “Arte Contra el Hambre” at the Museum of Puerto Rico in San Juan PR
  • 2016 – Collective Exhibition “Brincando el Charco” at the Museum Casa Escute in Carolina PR
  • 2014 – Collective Exhibition in UNIK Prestige Gallery, San Juan
  • 2014 – Exhibition “See the Light” at the Attleboro Arts Museum in Massachusetts.
  • 2013 – Join of artists cooperative in Art District at Galería Paseos, San Juan
  • 2013 – Exhibition “Days for Art” Collective in Pamil Fine Art, San Juan
  • 2012 – Exhibition “Art Night for Business” in the Gallery of the University of the Sacred Heart, San Juan
  • 2005 – Exhibition of former students of the School of Visual Arts, San Juan
  • 1999 – Exhibition of Plastic Arts of Puerto Rican Athenaeum
  • 1998 – Collective Exhibition: “Eclectic Anniversary” in the Eclectic Gallery
1997 – Exhibition of Works Winner of the Athenaeum Art Contest • Museum of Art and History • Gallery San Juan San Juan Bautista, San Juan City Hall
  • 1996 – VII Contest Exhibition of Journalistic Illustration Photojournalism Exhibition for El Nuevo Día Newspaper on Arsenal de la Puntilla, San Juan
  • 1992 – Exhibition: “Triangulo” at the Lyzette  Workshop Gallery, Old San Juan (3 artists)
  • 1991 – Collective Exhibition of Three Hispanic Artists – Near Northwest Arts Council Gallery, Chicago -National Print and Drawing Exhibition Harper College Palatine, IL – Western Illinois University, Malcolm, IL 
1990 – “Hispanic Festival” Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago
  • 1989 – Exhibition of Alumni Pratt Institute in Bueso Gallery, Hato Rey
  • 1982 – Collective Exhibition at the Museum of Art and History, San Juan
  • 1981 – Collective Exhibition at the Carnegie Library, San Juan
  • El Nuevo Dia Newspaper, PR
  • Chicago Artist’s News, Chicago, IL
  • Vegetarian Times , Chicago, IL
  • Chicago Reader, Chicago, IL
  • Publications International, Ltd ., Chicago, IL (Discover Series of Texts)
  • Ediciones Santillana, PR
  • BEM magazine, Valladolid, Spain
  • 2016 – Solo exhibition “Resonancias” at the Museum – Museo de Las Americas, San Juan
  • 2014 – Selected for a national juried exhibition at Attleboro Arts Museum in Massachusetts
  • 2013 – Selected by a jury to be the feature artist of the month at Artsyshark.com
  • 1996 – First Place in the Puerto Rican Athenaeum Competition in Printmaking Category
  • 1990 – Publication of his drawing “Dancing with Shadows” on the cover of the magazine” Chicago Artist’s News” in the October issue.

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-Pablo Montes