Last Tuesday was auctioned the sculpture by American artist Jeff Koons, Balloon Dog(Orange) for $58.405 million, surpassing what was estimated to be priced between 35 and 55 million. This work is so far the most expensive work sold at auction by a living artist. It is a work with a simple design made of “stainless steel” and is twelve feet high. Reading a bit more about this sale I see the Pop art seems to be in a great moment in the market since the news tells us that other, as a black and white picture of a bottle of Coca-Cola made by Warhol also exceeded auction 50 million, marking another maximum. The main news was the record obtained by a Francis Bacon triptych that sold on Tuesday for $ 142.4 million ….All this millionaire sales just makes me think about the how and the why of what is happening in the art, that is, in an economy as torn as we are currently and where other sectors have been affected, it seems that this happens in a parallel world where there are no financial constraints ….Umm! So to summarize this week we saw a sculpture typifying a dog made of air balloon and a black and white paint of a bottle logo of Coca-Cola to have made their mark in the millions dance. It would be interesting for me to know what do you think of this millionaire boom for these arts. Your comments are welcome.


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Coca-Cola 4, creada en 1962 por Andy Warhol


above, Jeff-Koons-Balloon-Dog

Jeff-Koons Balloon-Dog