These days I’ve been working in various compositions and it comes to my mind a memory of when I was a student in New York. I was analyzing that many of my paintings are solitary beings who sometimes do not interact with each other. That led me to remember what a painting teacher did, which I’d love to remember his name right now when seeing my work took me out of class and walked me to the library. I remember coming under a hellish cold in February without even my coat because I did not know where this man that I practically just met was taking me. Once arrived, he sought 4 or 5 books, took out his membership card and handed me the books to study. When I saw them, all were about an artist named Balthus, which I had never heard. At that time, the teacher told me very slowly, knowing my limitations with the language, that when he saw my work thought I was on the same line as Balthus because many of his compositions showed scenes of people with no interaction and all looked lonely. He also said to me that in those days was a Balthus exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum and wanted me to go.
For me, it was an encouragement to find that the teacher took care of me at the time. In those days, I came with the frustration of another professor who had asked me to not interrupt the class if I did not understand English well. That is, “save yourself” as you can and do not bother. Anyway, I went to the museum and saw the works that appear in my memory today, thanks to this generous being which made me feel that he cared. Here I present a pair of paintings by Balthus while I’m staying here painting and wondering the why of these lonely characters.
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[/fusion_images]Painting 2 – The passage of Commerce Saint-Andre – Balthus 1954
Painting 3 – Children – Balthus 1937
Painting 1 (top) – The street – Balthus 1933Click here to subscribe for free to see my newest paintings, drawings and articles.

-Pablo Montes