I am glad that you are visiting me again. This time I wish to share something of the process of one of my recent paintings. As I had mentioned in the previous post I’m working on the issue of energy, which I hope it can provide some consistency with respect to the issues that I have developed before as is the issue of time, spaced and light.

Step #1 The most difficult yet most exciting part of any job is the beginning, the challenge to solve and decide between the avalanche of possibilities that come to mind. For example, to express energy, should I go with a literal symbol, as it could be an electrical cable, an explosion, a volcano, etc.? Or Do I work in a subliminal way that could be an intense look, a bright moon, an abstraction of space in motion? Do I use the human figure to link the idea or eliminate it? if I eliminate it, should I start painting spontaneously in different moods as when angry and release all that negative energy over the canvas and even hit it in the floor or on the contrary if I am in one of those days thinking of pretty birds and my color palette becomes a pastels and flower colors. In short it is a question after another and if I continue I won’t get to the second step.

Step #2  For this painting a sketch gives me the opportunity to explore new ways to reach my goal. Using the figure, but this time does not need much detail in it because I just need the posture of uncomfortable and worried look. It will be in a boat trip itself and the boat is a moon on balance over a tightrope in the middle of space. So far I think I’m on the right track for that idea coincides with the state of confusion that I have.

Step #3 Now I have traced the basic drawing to the canvas. Suddenly I see that appears one of those imaginary beings coming in and out of my works uninvited. Here’s to the left of the figure.

Step #4 usually starts with an underpainting to kill all the white canvas, but today I decided to try another way. I’ll work it as Mono-print that although I know that this must be done on paper for it to work, I was in a mood of daring and put my first color mixing in a gigantic slab and with a roller I started rubbing the colors to the slab and then put the canvas over to rub too. The result had nothing to do with what I expected. So I cleaned the slab and tried again with other warm colors. In this step, I liked the result and that brings me another obstacle to continuing. I mean, I like the way is going, but it is not what I had in mind to do. Should I still work on this unexpected route? Or Do I try to incorporate what I initially had intended to do?
Step #5  My solution, a hybrid. I introduced some textures to strengthen the idea of energy and painted in various shades of red very aggressively to achieve an atmosphere of dynamism. I also made left some of the initial background so that it is present but as a secondary importance.
Step #6 I introduced more color, but now in a more liquid form to achieve the fluency of energy in the work.
After this experience, I am well pleased with the result because this Lunatic Voyage has been a teaching workshop for me and helps me visualize this universe around us of things unknown to our senses. The other surprise was that the being that appeared at the beginning of the work disappeared in the same manner that appeared. So they are, I hope to be able to greet them in a forthcoming work.Click here to subscribe for free to see my newest paintings, drawings and articles.

Click here to subscribe for free to see my newest paintings, drawings and articles.

-Pablo Montes