Project Description

Baile entre Sombras

(Dancing in the Shadows)
Pen and Ink Drawing
16 “x 16” | 2014
$750 – Framed



    This drawing is part of the series “Lumbre y Penumbre” Light and Shadows. I propose a series of drawings that reflect the integration of the figures and the environment in order to build a new space where light and shadow are the main characters. I devise a bridge between the figures and the background by conscious deformation, which I call “situations of flexibility.”  Among the female figures, there are characters in the oral history of certain parts of the island of Puerto Rico, where I grew up. Long before people heard about the famous Chupacabras, during my childhood years, I heard of the Pichu-Pichu, El Kikirimiau, El Cara-Diablo (The Devil Face), El Vampiro de Moca (The Vampire of Moca), and many other fanciful beings. Many of these characters were battling in my mind to somehow take shape. These fanciful creatures roam my subconscious and dreams where they have intertwined with my own thoughts. That’s why the issues I have been working on, where the female figure is present, are now accompanied by and interact with fantastic creatures which are products of my imagination.

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