Sobrevuelo Nocturno


Sobrevuelo Nocturno (Nocturnal Overfly) Acrylic on canvas 48″x 24″ | 2016 $1,650 VISUALIZE IN SITU   Dreaming of a woman flying at night over the Caribbean Sea. Sobrevuelo Nocturno is an original, one-of-a-kind painting signed by artist Pablo Montes. This work is on Gallery Wrap Canvas with sides of 1 1/2" thick. This [...]

Polos Sincronizados original acrylic painting

Polos Sincronizados, original acrylic painting (Synchronized Poles) Acrylic on canvas 24 “x 24″ | 2016 $1,350 VISUALIZE IN SITU   This original acrylic painting was born when I was thinking about how many universes are there and how little we know about them. I was reflecting on the astral plane, the spiritual universe, [...]

El Artista

El Artista (The Artist) Acrylic on canvas 48″x 36″ | 2015 $2,200 VISUALIZE IN SITU   In this painting, the artist is wearing clothes evoking a circus member. I added textures from man head to the drawing in his lap. With this technique, I wanted to emphasize the integration of energy and his thoughts, [...]


Inspiración (Inspiration) Acrylic on canvas 48″x 36″ | 2015 $2,200 VISUALIZE IN SITU   In Inspiration, I integrated several textures into the background to create a fusion between the energy at the edges of the human figure and its surroundings. I believe the spirit of inspiration produces a mood that creates a harmonious space. [...]

El Atlántico y su Encargada del Tiempo

El Atlántico y su Encargada del Tiempo, Acrílico sobre Canvas | 30” x 40” | 2013 "El Atlántico y su Encargada del Tiempo" belongs to my Fantasy of Time series. This painting is a merge of three marine scenes with imaginary creatures. The Caribbean Sea, a Phosphorescent Bay, and the Atlantic Ocean surround my island. [...]