Warning Paintings on Melting Iceberg

Warning Paintings on Melting Iceberg

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 «An artist is an explorer»
Henri Matisse

Street artist Sean Yoro, aka HULA, wants to raise awareness about climate issues with his newest series of paintings, A’o’ Ana or The Warning, directly onto the melting icebergs. Hula uses his paddle board as his own “floating studio” while painting in the most unusual surfaces. He is known for his large painted murals of women around the world.

The Hawaiian muralist has found an attention-grabbing way using the melting icebergs of North America as canvas. These indigenous women faces and hands transmit the fragility of people facing ecological problems.

I respect those who create art and challenged us to awaken to the fact that we are part of an ecosystem. Our current planetary situation is clearly one of great instability. This literally means that a change in any single individual’s consciousness can potentially have an amplified effect on the entire system in a way that was unimaginable.

Hula’s Warning paintings evoke an awakening into our ecological consciousness. I was impressed by his creative awareness and dangerous resources to create awareness about Arctic sea ice decline. His art expression involves extreme coordination and organization from his team.

I want to promote this type of effort because as long as people like him exist, there is hope for humanity. Hula help us to never forget we should be outraged by injustice and irresponsible behaviors. Hurrah for the Arctic art!

Within a few weeks these murals will be forever gone, but for those who find them, I hope they ignite a sense of urgency, as they represent the millions of people in need of our help who are already being affected from the rising sea levels of Climate Change.”Sean Yoro.

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-Pablo Montes