Aiming To Inspire With My Artwork
Synchronized -Poles, painting by Pablo Montes

Aiming To Inspire With My Artwork

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 «Art is inspiring.
Walking into a gallery, or when the lights go up on a stage;
that thrill of getting something that has nothing to do with acquisition»

Sadie Jones

I recently joined Artsyshark Gallery, and I have to admit that I was drawn by their slogan: Art for inspired living.

When they invited me to join their gallery, it began the selection process. If you don’t know, I have individuals art pieces, like the watercolor “Midnight Whisperers”, and series artworks, so it wasn’t easy to choose. After some reflection, I decided to exhibit 18 of my paintings that ranged from my “Fantasies of Time Series” to my “Energy Series”.

La Tarde del Bici-Gato acrylic painting by Pablo Montes

With my art, I like to provoke critical thinking, and colors, textures, and the composition itself conspire to provide a message or, on the contrary, propose puzzles that encourage people to analyze and philosophize. Visit my original artworks display in the gallery and let yourself be inspired!

You can read all about my “Ah, ha!” moment, my medium and my process, and a lot more in my Studio Visit.

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-Pablo Montes