Art and It’s Many Uses

Art and It’s Many Uses

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 «Every child is an artist.
The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.
– Picasso

Art encompasses any creation done to express a worldview, be it real or imaginary. In other words, art allows us to express ideas, emotions, perceptions, and sensations.

The uses of art are numerous. It can be used to communicate an idea, to entertain, to enchant, to give pleasure, to show off wealth and power, to record for posterity, and even to hide a damp patch. The list is endless.

Many times we can’t tell what inspires a specific piece of art, just by looking at it, unless the artist explains it to us. However, in the street art example below, we can see how the artist cleverly uses the exposed bricks in his art to improve the esthetic.


That street art makes me reflect on my art. Don’t you think the bold colors in Happy, the Aquatic Traveler, my acrylic on canvas, makes a monotone and uninteresting room come alive? This painting belongs to my Energy series. Can you see how my choice of colors help me to transmit it?

This painting represents the feeling of happiness as an energy carrier in an absurd circumstance. The woman is riding a bicycle in the middle of the ocean with creatures swimming around her. She is throwing flowers at the energized pink space without a care.

Happy, the Aquatic Traveler was featured on “Resonances”, my 2016 exhibition at the Museum of The Americas in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

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-Pablo Montes