Connected Attraction

Connected Attraction

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 Â«Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. 
Art is knowing which ones to keep.
Scott Adams

In my previous post, Aquarelle, the Unforgivable Medium, I shared with you my other passion: watercolor painting. Watercolor is a medium that discourages many people due to its impossibility to correct. But I like spontaneity, and watercolor certainly allows it.

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Watercolor Process

  • The first step is transferring the idea to a pencil sketch for this watercolor painting.
  • Then, I start protecting every edge with tape and paper. This way all the borders will be clean at the end o the work.
  • The watercolor painting is almost finish, and I’m doing the last touches to “Connected Attraction”.
  • Taking the tape and paper off to see the final piece.

For me, watercolor painting is an enjoyable creative experience because of the versatility it allows. Would you dare to try watercolor painting? The possibilities are endless.

Remember, art is constantly evolving and very alive.

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-Pablo Montes