Energy in the artistic process

Energy in the artistic process

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 «The image is more than an idea.
It is a vortex or cluster of fused ideas
and is endowed with energy.

– Ezra Pound

Art creation begins in the realm of energy. Everything in our universe has some energy associated with it, and anything that surrounds you may serve as inspiration.

Our thoughts are cosmic waves of energy that penetrate time and space. Therefore, imagination fuels creativity and gives you an opportunity to examine your ideas visually.

As an artist, I paint with expressive brushstrokes, and those textures convey my physical and emotional energy. Sometimes, I like to use bright colors and gestural lines to evoke energy or chaos in some of my art pieces, while other times I prefer smooth surfaces and subdued colors as symbolic of personal contemplation.

In The Enchanter, I was aiming for a visual metaphor of the energy arisen when a person is flirting. For me, courting someone can be compared to multiple somersaults and every talent that we use to get the attention of the person being wooing. Costumes, musical instrument, and background fused in this dynamics to reach the loved one. This painting belongs to my Energy series. The Enchanter was featured on “Resonances”, my 2016 exhibition at the Museum of The Americas in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Have you ever thought about the energy released during the courtship process?

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-Pablo Montes