Vibrant And Whimsical Artwork

Vibrant And Whimsical Artwork

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Thursday, November 17, 2016, began the XV Bienal de Arte de Ponce (15th Art Biennial of Ponce). It is an art exhibition sponsored by the Commission on the Arts of the University of Puerto Rico at Ponce. More than 70 well-known professional artists, residing in Puerto Rico, the United States and the Dominican Republic, are displaying their art at the Adelina Coppin Alvarado Library of the University of Puerto Rico at Ponce.

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During the process of creation, the mind shoots me questions like a machine gun. For example, I ask myself: What will be better for this representation a man or a woman? Maybe it should be asexual. Should I do it with warm tones that express the volcano that many of us have inside or should I do it with blue tones that inspire some sadness? Well, watercolors are characterized by their bright colors, but here I prefer some monochrome feel to get the proper mood. Painting or drawing? Maybe both. The work, Should I do it big or small? I think medium-sized is fine. Questions and questions that I am answering while the idea is taking shape.

I’m exhibiting too my artwork: The Artist. In this painting, the artist’s clothes evoke a circus member. I added textures from his head to the drawing in his lap. With this technique, I wanted to emphasize the integration of energy and his thoughts, and the space he occupies in the Universe. I used as reference my pen and ink drawing called Juggling, or “Malabares”. This painting belongs to my “Energy” series.
The Art Biennial will be open until March 3, 2017. Go see my art and let me know what sensations it inspires you!

Thursday, December 1, 2016, I will be participating in the 1er Salón Bienal de la AAPPR, Asociación de Artistas de Plásticos de Puerto Rico, (1st Biennial Salon of the Puerto Rican Plastic Artist Association), in the Museum of the History of Ponce. Don’t miss this opportunity to enjoy Puerto Ricans Plastic Artists artworks!

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-Pablo Montes